28 April, 2013

Caust 2 Caust

From the West Coast comes a supergroup that for some stupid reason I was not even planning on checking out, even though I love all the members' other/¿actual? bands, not failing to mention I also love me some fat, black-end metal and "thick [ol'] slices of Thin" Guizzy . . . Not sure what happened there, but Vhöl's debut is a worthy distraction from the decay of merely being for sure!

On the other hand from another coast we got Woe. Philly boy with some Brooklyn guys. Quietly, Undramatically was a critically-climbed album, people were all over that record. Including 'im who stalks/(now)rocks behind the blog. So the Eye was on Woe's next one. You wouldn't know it to listen to it though. This muhfuck is doing its own thing, not giving a single iota what you think. Luckily, most of us think it's fucking awesome, as we always have. Check this shed out and get in line to head bang already. Also, this is happening, ¿celoso?:

 (Gonna be some dusters and gauntlets and GBK shirts and stringy hair at this one for sure. But besides all the backwoods Pennsyltuckian  trve kvlt Appalachian shit, there'll also be at the very least three awesome bands, including local Bastard Brothers, Möwer. Worth your life.)