29 July, 2013

Humilific before the Horrific.

Unworthy supplicants, rise from where you kneel so that you may better drape me in your clumsy-tongued honorifics. 

I will not condescend to excuse my absence except to explain that I've written at least five short stories so far this summer, not to mention the novel I've started, or all the weed, speed and shreddin' I've done. 

However, occasionally, yours unruly takes a break from thrashin' IRL to hand out a new miracle for the droves of his faithful biters. 

This installment sees the canonization of Helsinki's Cardinals Folly latest record, Strange Conflicts of the Past; a compilation of early material. 

You'll find this on other blogs, but ripped from bandcamp, in 128 kbps. This, however, is an exclusive Dower Rip, Total Refuse, my Feel Bad Jam of the late, pseudo-autumnal summer. Presented in 320 kbps. Brought to you by Mort Montagne Construction, INC.; in collaboration with my new Larrytown apartment.