03 June, 2013

American Metal Classics

 Or; While You Posers were Listening to Papa Roach or The fucking Shins

It's good to look back on the records I listened to in high school and be like: "Fuck yeah!" I didn't know a lot about the classics back then, but I knew what was good at the time. Sure I liked Atreyu's first record, but - in my own depends - that record has riffs. And that's one thing I have always loved: fuckin' riffs, y'all! ('Specially them fuckin' riffs that fuckin' riff for fuckin'!)

And Baltimore's Darkest Hour has riffs like that charming city has multitudes of drug-related homicides. Of said riffs my buddy Ben once remarked that the two guitars sound like they're chasing each other. Which is one of the best descriptions of their sound I've ever heard. I'm not sure what the past couple albums have sounded like, cuz I've never bothered checking them out, but these first two full lengths they put out during the turn of the millennium were ground-breaking. Faster 'n' meaner'n a mother, heavy as fucking shit and pretty fucking intelligent, too. Hell yeah. Fuck. Yeah.