30 March, 2012

Monday, April 2, MMXII

Mötorheadin' this way from Denver in support of Ride with Death on HHR!

Fetid Doom/Crust from DC now with more moshing power!

w/ Abysme, Möwer and Tok'ra.

Belvederes. 8 pm. $5.



27 March, 2012

Greg (K)Illingworth.

Holy shit! I watch a lot of videos and very few of 'em get me as pumped as this one does.


Greg Illingworth UK/SA from BMX.COM on Vimeo.

Choice selections, hand-picked by the Dower, from the Internet K-Hole blog.


Is that KC?!

S.Tims x 4


22 March, 2012

Hey, wanna get together and like study or something?

 (With iTunes on shuffle, let's shuffle back and forth from Astronomy & Pre-Calc.)
Just to get us in the mood . . .
The domain of all exponential functions is ℝ.
"Rance Black Metal de France" by Peste Noire, from Ballade Cuntre lo Anemi Francor. (When it comes back, the riffage is so francodelic!)

In transformations of exponential functions, + 1 means the function is moved up one unit; whereas x+1 means the function is moved to the left one unit on the plane of xy
"Jesus Fever" by Code, from Resplendent Grotesque. (Weird post-BM goodness.)

 "What does the term 'seeing' mean to an astronomer using a telescope?
"b. the twinkling and blurring of the image due to turbulence in the earth's atmosphere"
"Send Bombs" by Pygmy Lush, from Bitter River. (S'a'ight.)

 "What is the lunar rigolith?
"c. the layer of fine powder covering the lunar surface"
 "It Was Beautiful, But Now It's Sour" by Rwake, from Rest (Yes!!!)

"The mountain ranges on the moon are . . .
"c. the walls of craters caused by impacts of large objects early in the geological history of the moon"
"Just Like a Woman" by Bob Dylan, from Blonde On Blonde. (Is this a joke song? Terrible. Ffej Buckley did it way better.)

In rational functions, the x intercepts are found in the numerator, and the horizontal asymptotes and domain are found in the denominator.
"Nuit De Neige" by Bahrrect, from Nuit De Neige.

To be an inverse function the function must satisfy the following formula: f(g(x)) = g(f(x)) = x.
"Cyanide Breath Mint" by Beck, from One Foot in the Grave. (I've always found the lyrics "When they want you to get it, chew on the grass" to be very inspirational.)

 "Plank-Wien's Radiation Law: a high temperature light source emits more light than does a low temperature source, and most of the light from the high temperature source is short wavelength while it is long wavelength light from the low temperature source."
"Funeral Mariachi" By Sun City Girl, from Funeral Mariachi.

"According to the Bohr model, the atom is like a miniature solar system with a center of motion called the nucleus and particles orbiting about it known as electrons."
"Exiling Rightouesness" by Incantation, from Decimate Christendom. (This song and whole record rules, but YouTube ain't got it. Sorry, fam. Here's something else just as cool.)

When multiplying two exponents of the same base, the Law of Exponents says retain base, add exponents.
"Executioner" by Zuul, from Out of Time. (Bench-to-bench in Friendship Park!)

 Constants of f(x) = ax are (0,1); (1,a) and (-1, 1/a)
"My Last Words" by Megadeth, from Peace Sells . . .

 "Every year, the moon drifts 1.3 cm away from the Earth."
"Fade to Black (at 33 rpm)" by Metallica (at 33 rpm) (Killer doom w/ best vokills ever!)

Alright. Gotta go see Nile and Hour Of Penance now!

20 March, 2012

Loyal & Faithless Supplicants . . .

Hailing from my home state, Pennsylvania, Pact appear out of nowhere, much like the Prince of this World is wont to do, with some killer orthodox black metal. I'll keep my description short because 1.) I've got two tests to study for, and 2.) The Dragon Lineage of Satan speaks for itself.

Purchased, ripped and uploaded by the Dower, so show some respect and leave some comments.

Pact's The Dragon Lineage of Satan in 320kbps.

05 March, 2012

Nicked from Aesop at Cosmic Hearse: Chicago's Cemetery.

Pretty much exactly the band I've been wanting to start for over a year now: Cemetery's debut cassette from last year absolutely reeks! It's as if the people who made this are either pretty young or are parents getting back into punk rock via their now-teenaged kids starting to jam their, the parents', old copies of Change Today? and Over the Edge. Well, whether they're the 'rents or the runts, Cemetery are a new scent, snottier and more fetid, from an otherwise long-decayed corpse. Total refuse! 

 (And it turns out my roommate played with these guys in Chicago. Small country. 'Cept, not really.) 

04 March, 2012

Mutilation Rites

Been waiting on tomorrow for a long while now. Mutilation Rites at Roboto III, right down the street from mine own façade.  Missed 'em last time cuz of work. Of course the show tomorrow is a Monday as well. But I've made the proper arrangements this time. Finally gonna see Mutilation Rites. Just like The Black Dahlia Murder and 3 Inches of Blood at Roboto II in like 2004. Was that really seven years ago? Shit. Kinda an old head in my own rite. (Dower: No. It was eight years ago, moron. And don't try to say you thought it was still 2011. You just failed to add x + 4 = 12, where x is the number of years post-2004 you've been reassuring people what a true metalhead you are. But, yeah, I'm sure you did smashing on your PRE- Calc. exam.) I spent weeks getting psyched for that show, too. But MR's at like pre-blow up status rite now, too. TBDM and 3"OB were just emerging from the dank sepulchral underground as well. But besides all that, upon jamming M-Rites's second demo from last year, one gets this distinct feeling of phantom nostalgia for an experience one has never actually had, but has heard (read: read) enough about, that one can relate somehow to the feeling one might get jamming the likes of, say, Sweden's Nihilist during the First Wave¹ epoch. Both demos and "Goliath" from the split w/ BATILLUS are unstoppable, tight USBM from an otherwise ostentatious scene. Speaking of which, enough hype. Just really psyched to see these guys and bang my effing head tomorrow. Oil City's vbrr kvlt Vrolok is also playing. And Pittsburgh's trvest, best Abysme, and one other band I can't remember that I never heard of anyway. Gonna go ahead and promise a review. So look forward to that, Mom and Dad. I love you guys. 

See you there, Burghers.

¹ This analogy is esp poignant considering Nihilist once took Thrash Metal conventions and added DM elements, which Mut Rites similarly does but rides BM with Thrash climaxes and "breakdowns."