31 March, 2011

Blood stains everything.

Margaret dragged me out of bed to give'r a ride to work, was dreamin' about watching a police van roll down a hill, the cop crawling out saying "Good thing Tom Petty was on."

Got a text yesterday from Myzak: "Come to punk karaoke. They learned a Wipers song for you." Fuck yeah!

Went to Sacred Heart of Jesus and picked up some materials for KVLTVRE. There was a nun working and she was very helpful, came back to the art section, helped me rummage. Up front, beyond the tall bookshelves, locals complained in cartoon voices. Donald Duck said: "My friend just broke her hip, god bless her soul." To which Bluto replied: "Did she break her old one or the new one?" There was a strong scent of coffee and all of the people up front looked afflicted with some righteous disease. Ever notice how ugly the pious are? Which came first: the ugliness or the piety? Do they love Jesus because he's the only one who loves them back? Cashier charged me half the price tag, said "God bless you" even though I hadn't sneezed.

Killed my History exam. Didn't end up having a Soc. exam on Tuesday night - next week, I guess. Answered all the extra credit questions to ensure a hundred percent, fuck the curve. The professor of that class is pretty cool. He's got a sweet bumper sticker, talks about The Flaming Lips, recounts history in graphic, violent detail, says "shit" and "goddamn," uses big words casually, has a beard, is probably under 30. Total Pittsburgh dude, right? But he didn't give the test, told us he wouldn't be there. Some flaxen cougar from the English department gave it, made snide comments like we were her class, looked askance at me when I begrudgingly removed my ear buds. What? Am I, like, listening to the answers or something? Well, I was listening to The Answers - late 90's Gnostic Post-Skacore from the former Yugoslavia. Seriously, though, it was just some test-taking music. Wasn't hurtin' nobody.

Got the new Sleeping Peonies EP "Ghosts, and Other Things" and - per McD's heads up - the new Bill Callahan album. The Sleeping Peonies sounds just like their debut full length, which is fine 'cause it rules. Although there's a song called "Lisps and Candyfloss Wisps" on the EP. Come on. The mermaid shit and the sugary swirls and the rhyming I can forbear, but that song title is just too lame. Listened to the Bill Callahan record taking Margaret to work. Sounds like it's gonna be a good one. Opening track's reminiscent of that scene from The Walking Dead where Grimey's riding the horse into Atlanta; might just be that the album's called "Apocalypse."

Talked with Peterson yesterday - he's been my best friend since kindergarten, for those of you who don't know. He's got another kid on the way, a boy. Might become head plant manager where he works, too. I'm still unemployed, laying in bed in just my underwear, back itchy with toast crumbs. Congrats to Mo-P, though! Said he about threw up thinkin' he might end up having two teenage daughters some day. But it kinda sucks being a dude with an older sister, too; growin' up gettin' beat on by a girl. That does things to a man. Makes him vindictive. Maybe. Probably not. 

Practice didn't happen, but beers with McD, Greg and Amy at Lot 17 did. Then off to Howler's for live band punk karaoke. Walked in on Myzak singing Melvins, band perplexed. He redeemed himself by doing The Cars. "Return of the Rat" felt good, so did "Subliminal." Singing my own shit would feel better, though. Here's hoping the 4/20 show at Helter Shelter works out.

Did this last night while Marge made some bomb sweet potato curry:

And the Lord said: "Sin desires you, but you must master it."

30 March, 2011

First Post

 29 March, 2011 (I wrote this yesterday, but couldn't post it 'til today.)

Welcome to the new blog. Hope to update this one more often.

Woke up with clogged pipes and "The Weatherman"  in my head. Stared at my Algebra book for a while. Margaret left NPR on, heard CCAC might be in trouble because of Corbett's budget cuts. Some dude just like me probably cuts Corbett's lawn. Every Wednesday or Monday or something. Probably has to cut it high, Corbett likes waking up in the morning and looking out at his lush, green lawn. Counted out some quarters for Indian food.

Someone posted the new True Widow on Roboto. Jammed that via earbuds while surmounting a huge fucking pile of dishes. Upon first listen not a lot stuck, unlike last night's pizza. Nikki Cage sings on the opener, the closer's heavy. Multiple listens will prove rewarding, just like the first one. Plus dishes can be very distracting.

Switched to Whirl's "Distressor". Check it out for sure, they're pretty good. Sound like their name and region. Typical shoegaze stuff, like My Bloody Valentine, but still relevant. Occasionally reminiscent of Blonde Redhead - you know: the band from the new Victoria's Secret commercial. Speaking of, awesome artwork on that Whirl album, right? Huh huh? Am I right?

Went to shows all last weekend. Saw a burlesque show at Belvedere's on Friday for free. The band killed it. Tasteful stripping is cool. Nipple pasties are funny. Agalloch on Saturday was sweet. Cleveland's roads were the surface of the moon. Myzak must've recited ten full episodes of different television shows on the way down and back. Tried going to Melt but there was a minimum two hour wait. For grilled cheese. In Cleveland. Roads were infuriating. All the while, awesome food and good beer was right under our noses the whole time. Opening bands were decent, following Gram's advice. Worm Ouroboros was cool, hot bass player. Agalloch opened with the first two tracks from MOTS, closed with "In the Shadow of Our Pale Companion." Got chills during that one line, you know which one. Least black metal line ever, but it's so good. They played a lot of stuff from Ashes, but didn't play "Not Unlike the Waves" despite many screamed requests. John explained the inspiration behind "Ghosts of the Midwinter Fires," talked about going into the woods outside Portland. "Yeah, yeah, yeah!" some metal bitch yelled. Higher Fives and Secret Tombs played Sunday night. Both killed. Recognized Mickey from when DRWT played with Heath Dedger. Her new band is good, sounds like Is This Real? or Husker Du. Played with a dog during Delay. Didn't spend enough time with my friends.

McD texted today that Ron the Dishwasher died. Said: "He was a piece of work and no one's surprised but it's still a man's life. He just got a two sentence posting by the elevator." R.I.P. Doo Doo Balls.

Listened to the Ash Borer cassette on the way to the bank, three tracks, all of 'em as good or better than the song on the split with Fell Voices. It's nice being psyched about music again. Must be the global sense of impending doom, really bringin' out the jams in all of us. 

Went to Peoples with Greg. He's getting over the same shit blew through me like winds through an abandoned farmhouse. Figured out why Death comes in pairs. Same reason sickness does: shit's just makin' its rounds and old bodies can't fight it off as good as young bodies. Can't stop thinkin' about sitting in Algebra class two weeks ago, coughing, dripping snot everywhere, spreading the contagion. R.I.P. Professor Reft.

Got a Sociology test tonight; History test tomorrow night. Not going to Kurt Vile tonight. Whatever. Don't know his stuff that well so it'd probably be boring anyway.  Margaret's writing about the Todd Barry & Neil Hamburger show, so that'll be free. Mr. Plus One wins again!